Happy Labor Day from Premium Property Trust!

As we celebrate Labor Day, let’s take a moment to honor the hard work, dedication, and contributions of workers everywhere.

This holiday is a reminder of the progress we’ve made together, thanks to the efforts of countless individuals who have shaped our world. We hope you all had a meaningful and restful weekend!

What Makes Us Different?

People often ask what distinguishes Premium Property Trust from other investment opportunities in real estate. Well, there are three major characteristics of our investment fund that make us unique:

  1. We specialize in premium, mixed-use properties. The value of mixed-use is that each “use” elevates the others. That is, when a residential property also has a hospitality component, the residents see that as an amenity to their community.  When an office or retail component is included, they also see the value of the amenity and, often, the value to their workers of being able to live nearby. Of course, the restaurants see the value of having so many customers located so closely to them.  For our investors, that means we are able to out-perform neighboring properties that don’t have this combined value and seek premium lease rates across the board.
  2. Our REIT structure is extremely investor-friendly.  Unlike a traditional real estate fund, a REIT is legally obligated to distribute virtually 100% of its taxable income to its investors. Although we have not officially elected as a REIT yet, we operate PPT as a REIT and have a growth trend in our quarterly distributions, which have occurred over the past two years.
  3. We have a proprietary development model.  Since REIT investments prioritize capital protection and yield, they are – by nature – lower risk and focused on stabilized assets. To provide the opportunity to increase the inventory of mixed-use properties, we leverage a proprietary model that enables PPT to “seed” development efforts, fund them through a traditional syndication offering, then purchase the developed property at stabilization.

We are proud of our accomplishments thus far and excited about our upcoming opportunities.  Often, when inflationary pressures arise, it provides great opportunities for stable companies to take advantage of volatility in the market.  We always welcome the chance to discuss these opportunities with both our current investors and interested future investors.

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